Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Land ho!

We searched everywhere for the right piece of land, for nearly 2 years.

It had to have the following characteristics;
  • On solid ground
  • Not close to the sea, but with sea views if possible (a tsunami is expected to hit Matsuyama at some time)
  • Enough space for a garden
  • Not within earshot of a road
  • In the school district of our son, or at least, the district of some decent schools
  • Not so expensive that we couldn't afford to build a house (within 10,000,000 yen)
  • Land that is not protected for agriculture or that is best suited to agriculture
We had nearly given up. But some land next to our architect's house is available, at a very good price. We need to check that the walls around it can be adjusted to fit the legal requirements, at a reasonable price.

The land meets all our requirements. Our son will have to change schools, and he is not very pleased about it at the moment.

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