Saturday, September 30, 2006

Garden work

I've been spending every spare moment on the food part of the garden with my big fork, carving off chunks of the hill and reshaping it into raised beds. The soil is going to need a lot of compost and organic matter to change it from hard, light brown lumps, into something fertile.

Some little girls from the housing estate next door came to chat, and they observed to me, "You are a hardworking person". I wondered guiltily if they would say the same thing if they saw me hard at work on a few drinks afterwards.

There is a distinct raised bed in the making on the left. That pile of weeds will have to be processed into compost and returned to the soil.

The same raised bed with the chicken-cage fence next to it, moved from the old allotment.

Another view

I wish this hole were on our property but in fact it's the new pond at H's school. It doesn't have a liner but it holds the water well. This is just rainwater, with nothing else added. The soil looks similar to ours, so I think I'll only have to dig a hole, and we'll have a pond. Something about this size, outside my office window would be perfect.

School 'biotope'. Looks like a 'pond' to me.


stew said...

Congratulations on the house! Your plot looks light and breezy. I'm sure the house will be very comfortable.

As a couple of quick questions, the elevation shows the solar panels above what looks like a north wall, i.e., small windows. Is that a mistake on the drawing?

Also, if its not a rude question, did you get a mortgage and if so, what is the rate? You don't have to say for how much.

We're thinking of buying or building something, but are yet to make up our minds. There are many cheap old places so its tempting to go for one of them, but laying down the money and building something probably makes more sense. There's only so much you can do with old buildings.


Rod said...

The solar panels are on the south side although the windows on that side are small. We're opting for more living on the north side where the views and the shade are. We expect that the level of insulation will mean that we don't have to rely too much on passive solar effects in the winter. The heat here is an issue for a much longer part of the year than the cold.

We're looking at mortgages and we're limited by a couple of factors; being self-employed, and getting planning permission based on what's called an Article 43 Proviso governing the zoning designation. Rates are currently between 2.4 and 2.7% for a 10-year fixed interest loan.

We looked at old properties too, but I'm sure you'd end up paying just as much, for a floorplan you didn't choose, and that semi-permanent 'not finished yet' look.