Saturday, January 20, 2007

Looking very housey now

We went to the house today to confirm where the light switches and power sockets are to go. It is looking very housey with the roof boards on and all the main structural items in place. It looks very tall.

Checking the position of the electrical outlets and controls is an important business requiring concentration. The temptation to stare slack-jawed out of the window instead of thinking about how one will want to turn on the kitchen light proved overwhelming. But I think we did a good job in the end.

I had a bit of a shock when I went into my future office and found that the window in front of where my desk is to be was far too low. I said something like, "This would be about right for a primary school kid", and "Common sense should have told somebody this was too low for a window".

Hidaka-san looked a bit upset and said that most tables are about 70 cm tall, and chairs are about 20 cm lower, so the window should be just at head height. I refused to believe it.

So we went back to our current house where Hidaka-san quietly demonstrated that my common sense is completely wrong when it comes to the height of chairs and tables, and graciously accepted my apologies.

We also had a good look at my current office setup and redrew the plans for the size of the built-in desk and the placement and wiring for all my equipment. It should all be very convenient and ergonomic, and I'll have a nice view of mountains on one side, and the sea on the other. I can't wait to get moved in.

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