Thursday, May 10, 2007

Net vendor of electricity

So our first chits from the evil electricity utility company Yonden (Shikoku Denryoku) came today, the top one for our sale of clean, renewable power to them, and the bottom one for our purchase of nuclear power from them (from our friendly neighbourhood nuclear plant, Ikata).

In terms of pricing, ours commands a higher price because most of the electricity we use is cheap night power. For April we used 442 kWh and generated 315 kWh. We realized a profit of 215 yen (a tinny of beer's worth - I'll drink this tonight to celebrate).

I'm fairly pleased with this result. Now we'll have to see if we can cut down our usage to the same level as our generation. Or get that windmill...

This is the data box for the solar (top unit).

Purple light: Good - selling juice
Orange light: Bad- buying juice

Perhaps at some stage I'll lose the habit of glancing nervously at the light and cursing inwardly when it's orange.

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