Saturday, June 09, 2007

Geodesic dome

Today the young master and I rode down to a carpenter's shop on the sea wall to join our comrades from the Mugen Mura NPO in assembling a geodesic dome. The dome was designed with CAD and the carpenter cut the wood to a higher standard than the undemanding ISO Good Enough that is usual for Mugen Mura engineering projects. We banged and screwed together the precision cut pieces which all went together nicely to make a very substantial structure.

The point of the exercise was to prove that Mugen Mura can make a geodesic dome. And the point of this is to use the wood that Mugen Mura will harvest from its new forest management project. After getting permission to manage some forest in Hojo, the NPO will use the thinnings to make geodesic domes, charcoal, and other useful things.

Now that we have a prototype geodesic dome that is both sturdy and easily disassembled and stowed on a light truck, the question is what to do with it. One suggestion is to put it up on our land and use it as a teahouse for resting in while making charcoal for the Terra Preta de Indio. Whether planning permission can be gained from her indoors remains to be seen. A geodesic dome and a semi-public charcoal furnace might be considered a serious undertaking.

The young master and I then spent the arvo enjoying the slow life of Hojo.

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