Sunday, August 12, 2007


The efforts to prepare the soil by digging the rubble out of it and digging organic stuff in have borne fruit. Here are some pictures of it.

Tomatoes, green peppers, aubergines, okra, goya, and pumpkin. Keeping the pumpkin vine free of grass is a Sisyphean task. Okra do well in hot weather, and the flowers are very beautiful (for a vegetable).

Tomatoes, aubergine, sweet green chili peppers, and round courgettes. The courgettes took a hammering in a couple of typhoons and that solitary but precious courgette was all that two plants have produced. However, the plants look about ready again to produce. It's probably about time for another typhoon too.

Mulukhiya (moroheiya) . This nutricious green is very prolific and the cut and come again growth makes it very convenient. A plant popular in Arab countries apparently.
A handful of blueberries every morning. Good with yoghurt and honey. A handful like that would cost about 100 yen in the shops.

These seeds are from the one and only 'Cannonball' watermelon that we managed to harvest. The vines got swamped with grass, the melons split or we harvested them too early. But the one we did eat was delicious. I'm going to see if I can plant the seeds next year.

Oh, and an obligatory sunset.

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