Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn festival

Saturday Afternoon

Assembling the danjiri

Wiring up the lanterns

Portable shrines in the main shrine building


Sunday Morning

6 am
Danjiri gathering at the shrine

Miyauchi kids

The Miyauchi Taliban. Forced to drink Asahi Super Dry

Cranking out the noise with drum and bell

6:30 am
In the shrine. Sake. Devils. Horseplay

Looking back through the temple gate

Lion dance. Old men drumming.

Acrobatics - cartwheels

Acrobatics - soixante-neuf

Very foxy

Wind getting up

7 am
Running the danjiri up and down the street

The kids are getting excited

By the river

Beer break

8 am or thereabouts
Momo shows up. Dogs aren't sure what to make of human festivals.


Happi and koikuchi in the house. Must be a festival on

Oh my God

Fancy pants

Japanese weight-saving technology is not generally
applied to portable shrines

Shinto is a primitive, nature-based religion

The following weekend

Jika-tabi washed and drying. My neighbour,
Takaichi-san's family grave in the background

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