Monday, November 24, 2008

Late summer veg and wolfberries

Even after a couple of savage cold snaps, the garden is giving up huge quantities of green peppers. Broccoli has started flowering, and the tomatoes are still hanging on. The wolfberries are now producing abundantly. One thing I hadn't appreciated about wolfberries is how difficult they would be to collect. They're small, soft, and grow on chaotic, prickly vines. Gathering this lot took an astonishingly long time, forcing me to rethink some of my more extravagant plans concerning wolfberries. I'm going to try drying these.

The Black Seaman Tomatoes I got from an American friend were ravaged by slugs and a very large species of caterpillar, so we only got to eat a few tomatoes early in the season. However, after the caterpillars died off, there were a lot of green tomatoes left. Placed on a south-facing window-sill, they've begun to ripen and with their rather salty taste, they make a good addition to a lunch-time salad.

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