Saturday, April 11, 2009

New green

Now this season is more like it! The garish cherry blossoms have all blown away, and the brilliant new green leaves are bursting out. And it's consistently warm. This morning as I was making the coffee, I glanced out of the window and did a sudden double-take when some bright-green thing in the middle distance caught my eye. It was the new leaves on one of my fig trees, with the early morning sun providing vivid backlighting.

When I go out to get the newspaper on days like this, the song Morning Has Broken always comes to mind, not that we have blackbirds here. We were forced to sing it at primary school and it annoyed me because it was just another part of our wishy-washy Church of England indoctrination ... until I realized that it's a damn good song about the real joys of mornings.

The bay tree in the outsize terracotta pot is also sprouting new leaves. One day soon it might outgrow the clover that quickly invaded.

Bling! Today's new poppy. These are springing up all over the place, and they look a bit goofy with the two halves of their green pods stuck to their petals -- like a bloke whose shirt tail hangs down behind his business jacket.

The pomegranate is bucking the trend by leafing out in red. The cabbagy-looking 'North Korean poppies' beneath it should be flowering soon. In the background, the blueberries are putting out very pale green leaves and purple flowers.

Gosh, the pond looks very murky all of a sudden. What to do with this nasty-looking water? But there are some green shoots appearing in the middle, and there are still fish, frogs, and insect larvae in there. Should I refresh the water maybe, or just leave it?

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning, praise for the breakfast, tra-la-la!


James said...

Hello Rod,
Just came across your blog when I was searching for Can-o-worms information- and I found your post very interesting. Also found lots of other interesting stuff on your blog too, which I look forward to reading.
I have just started Can-o-worms, and am based in Osaka. Hope we cross paths again at some point!

Rod said...

Hello James,

Thanks for leaving a comment. A lot of people visiting my blog these days are coming via Google searches involving Can-O-Worms and some combination of flies and maggots. However, if you have the right conditions, it can be enjoyable and worthwhile. Good luck with yours.

We lived in Osaka for 5 years when I first came to Japan. The first 3 years in the big city were fun, but then I wanted to go somewhere with a bit more green about.