Friday, July 03, 2009

Miracle fruit

When the 'miracle fruit' can be purchased from the Coop in a cardboard box labelled clearly as miraculous, perhaps its days of miraculousness are, in absolute terms, largely over. However, we hope to keep the thing alive long enough to be able to drink 500 yen wine on a regular basis after a bite of one its berries.


Luke said...

I can't wait, did it produce any berries? Did you eat them? Did everything taste like you were in candy land? Hahah. If I could find a local source(I feel odd buying plants online and have them trucked and shipped across the globe) for this transplant I'd like to grow one and see if all the fuss is true. Hey it might even make those goji taste great haha.

Rod said...

It never produced a single berry. In fact it totally failed to grow at all. I kept it in a pot and was very careful to bring it in before it got cold, put it out in the sunshine when it was warm, and keep it watered. But still it dropped all its leaves and looked so hopeless I gave up on it.

But this post did attract some nice spam with offerings of packaged miracle berries. I think that's probably a better option for the curious in fact.

Luke said...

Guess they can't all be winners huh. Oh well write it off and move on right.