Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fig frog

The fig trees are beginning to look like they may be productive this year. Today a little green frog was taking his ease among the big leaves. Sometimes when the wind blew up sideways, he looked a bit like a surfer riding a wave.


Nigel Stott said...

Hello Rod,
Nigel at down here in Fukuoka. Just dropping in to say thanks for your comment on my blog and to say "Wow" as an opinion on yours!! What you're doing with the house and garden is fantastic and I'm going to be a follower from now on. I'd love to do a similar project myself. If I do, guess who I'll ask for advice?!
All the best,

Rod said...

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for dropping by.

It has certainly been very satisfying to see the garden take shape and mature over several years. Now the fruit trees are becoming productive too which is a delight, especially considering the cost of fresh fruit.

There are also lots of visitors to keep an entomologist and ornithologist in raptures. (If only they wouldn't fight and hurt each other! Whenever I find an animal, it usually has another one crammed in its mouth... Today it was a big robber fly sucking the juice out of a bee.)