Saturday, January 08, 2011

Crime scene

I went for a walk at lunchtime the other day up the valley where a French fellow and his wife are building a new house (very international we are here), when I came upon this grisly scene.

It's a tanuki with a smallish hole in its rump (it probably felt like a largish hole to the tanuki in question).

The question is, whodunnit? There are certainly hunters around here because I've seen them with their guns, but I don't think they'd shoot a tanuki, nor would they leave it lying dead on a pavement. Would a boar be able to gore a tanuki, and would it have reason to do that? The corpse was gone the following day.


Jacqueline Schick said...

It looks like a raccoon here in the states. Is it similar? poor guy. I never did build the bamboo fence.

Happy new year, Jacqueline Schick

Rod said...

They're actually called 'raccoon dog' in English (, but they're quite different. I sometimes see them around at night when I go out on my bike. They're pretty cute.

I was wondering what happened with your fence. Thanks for the update!