Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hello regular visitors!

I'd like to say hello and thanks to my regular visitors around the world. I often wonder who you are...


stew said...

Hello again

A regular visitor here! Its good to see the house take shape and to hear that you're very happy with the way things are going. The house looks like its in a great spot for breezes and views, and is nicely proportioned. The updated drawings you posted don't do it justice.

I can understand how you feel about getting machinery in to do your garden but for big jobs, it really is the difference between getting it done and it not really happening. I had a similar problem at my old place which was 80% rocks (ex alluvial plain), and ended up paying a local to dig it up with a back hoe and dump in some soil from the forest. I'm sure you know already, but permaculture people stress the importance of zoning and having close access to your garden. Having it right next to the house is best by far. The other one of course is that because its your own place, you can finally spend a bit of money and do things like this properly. It opens up many possibilities compared to having to deliberate over every yen you spend on improving accommodation you're renting. What a drag that is.

We bought the old farmhouse I mentioned before and will have it done up this year. Like yourselves, it'll be an emotional rollercoaster, but I'm sure it'll work out okay one way or another. The house comes with some woodland and a small pond, so I'll be interested to see how your biotope comes along. Get the diggers to do that pronto!

All the best

Rod said...

Close access to the garden will be a joy. I'll have to spend less time online and use that time to keep things in order in the garden. An hour or so a day will probably be required.

Congratulations on getting the farmhouse! That's a brave and noble step. I hope you blog it all, because I'd love to see how it goes. Having some woodland offers a lot of opportunities for food and resources.

I dug one pond yesterday. It's too much fun to entrust to diggers.