Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We have the power

Solar's up now. Unlike Al Gore, we have gone to the expense of putting some panels on our house.

The advertisement for Sharp will have to come off, as it's our house and not Sharp's.

While the panels aren't exactly in keeping with the Georgian style, they do blend in with the roof a little better than I'd expected

Talking of Georgian style, the brickies have been busy grouting between the bricks to make it look reely reely authentic.

Inside, the plaster board is now on everywhere, and the carpenters have been burning the midnight oil to put up shelves and casing. They also put in a very nice piece of pipe for me to do pull-ups on, with a little niche for my head to fit into in case I get muscular enough to bang my skull on the ceiling. Great stuff.

When I climbed up the scaffolding to look at the solar, I was struck by what a mess my garden plot looks like. It looks like landscaping care of early humankind.

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