Saturday, March 17, 2007

Open day

Today Selco Home held an open day at our house the weekend before we move in next week, to show the public the finished item. But it's not really finished. The kitchen lacks a cooker, the solar hasn't been connected, and the balcony is still just a steel frame.

The wooden parts around the ground floor roof are being stained white to match the top roof.

The cardboard is finally off the front door. It's a Tostem aluminium door made to look like wood. And indeed, it looks like wood.

The protective boards have been taken off the floor, and the pine wood flooring has been waxed. We were surprised at the brightness of the interior, with the light reflecting off the floor and walls. The colours are very easy on the eyes.

The lights have also been installed. We choose lights with an antique, Taisho-ero look. The light manufacturers have only a limited selection of types that accept fluorescent bulbs, so our choices involved some compromise. I'm satisfied with them. The missus says they look cheap. I reckon that when they get some dust sitting on them, they'll look just dandy.

One of the problems with building and furnishing a house in the Provinces is that the makers don't really care about the requirements of yokels for style. If you want something, you have to pick it out of a catalogue, and you have to judge by just one small photograph. The lights on the stairs looked odd to me in the picture, and in fact, they are a bit odd. Myself, the missus, the young master, and Kawabe-san the builder spent many minutes figuring out whether they looked best facing up or facing down. The jury is still out.

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