Monday, April 09, 2007

Moving house

So at last, on March 24, we moved into our new house.

The long-lasting pattern of fine weather on weekdays and miserable weather at the weekend held true, and Friday's sunshine gave way to squalls of rain and wind. We chose a cheap and cheerful mover who boasted a lot of experience at moving pianos, and everything went smoothly. Even the rain cooperated by not falling when the important things were being moved.

Moving house is a tiresome business, with frantic tidying and arranging at both ends, followed by days of not really knowing where anything is. I shoved my camera-PC cable into a running shoe for safe-keeping at the last minute, and couldn't find it again for two weeks.

But taking a bath in the evening made it all seem worthwhile. The water stayed warm right to the end, rather than palpably losing a degree of heat every minute in the old house. And when we got out, there was no running in a desperate naked crouch to get in front of the smelly kitchen stove. Instead, we could stroll about in comfort, remarking on how pleasant it all seemed.


damian said...

Your home is finished and full of life and your garden is underway. Well done Rod and family.


ps - this journal is proving very useful in our own early stages planning.

Rod said...

Damian, glad to see you're still visiting. I'm sorry to be so tardy in viewing your comment.

Where are you planning to build I wonder?