Sunday, April 15, 2007

Party for the builders

On Saturday we held a party for the people involved in building our house. Unfortunately the carpenters who did a large part of the work were busy on yet another house and couldn't attend, but the architects and the earthworks people, and a neighbour who happens to know everybody else all were present. The highlight was a big, bloody bag of wild boar meat, which the missus turned into a tasty 'nabe' with miso.

As beer goes down hatches much as rainwater goes down drains, we learn about the features of our new neighbourhood. The extra-big mosquitoes, and the defeaning chorus of frogs on summer nights are something we will soon experience.

The kids also partied heavily, yea unto 12 o'clock when they really should have been in bed. Having children from six to eleven running around the new house playing tag tests one's sang froid when it comes to concern for the integrity of decor and furnishings.

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