Sunday, November 18, 2007

Zazen shed

Today as I was a'mulching my hedges, Yano-san came around. He brought me some frozen peas from his father's farm, a bag of naturally dried rice, and a paper model of the zazen shed for which he had earlier sent some plans. This generosity is quite undeserved, but most welcome.

The idea arose from the geodesic dome we built with Mugen Mura (and the fact that I've started doing Zen meditation and want somewhere quiet to do it).

The total estimated cost is about 100,000 yen which is quite a lot for a shed. I could keep my worm bin and tools in there, and meditate. But it might well be pointed out that my worms are already in their own accommodation, the tools have not so far complained about being stored under the overhang, and I seem to manage to meditate in the house.

When we have our new trees in place, we'll have to see how much space and money is left. Somehow a man needs a shed, in the same way that he needs a drill.

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