Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shed project 2

This weekend was supposed to be unbelievably snowy.
It did snow a bit.

Then the weather went really nice, and my thoughts turned again to shed building. Here are the foundations that I finished last weekend. Note the homemade 'spirit level'. Very effective.

Making a straightforward wooden frame is more difficult than I thought. Simple as right angles are in concept, in execution they are tricky things. I made some very basic errors in calculation, and spent an inordinate amount of time unscrewing screws. It's fortunate that I've largely conquered Time, otherwise I'd have been very unhappy.

Just as I had raised the left and right frames into place and was standing with arms outstretched wondering how on earth I was going to join them together without them falling on top of me, the young master came tumbling out of the house to announce his willingness to help. We had a good 'ole time hitting our thumbs with hammers, and after a longish interval, we had the quite convincing makings of a shed.

Next weekend: Boarding up, painting, floor, door and windows. Insh'allah. (Or maybe that should be roof first. I can't quite make up my mind...)

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