Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why people come here

I sometimes check the stats about visitors to this blog, especially the search strings that have led people here. There seems to be an element of misdirection involved, for which I'm very sorry. I'm posting the latest haul of search strings captured by the stats, and it's a very representative 'Top 20' sort of deal. I've also endeavoured to provide succinct answers so that people searching for the same thing won't have to delve around through the back issues.

Queries answered include;
  • i keep finding little mothlike flys in my house
  • bamboo bee hive
  • insight versus fit
  • how often should i spray peony bush with neem oil to prevent powdery mildew?
  • pickled habaneros jar
  • can-o-worms smelly liquid
  • train go under water to matsuyama
I hope this is helpful, but I offer no guarantees.

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